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A good page turner! A little complicated at the start but once into this book I found it it enthralling. Reminiscent of Bernard Cornwell.

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A thoroughly enjoyable read that truly transports you into the world of these characters and their stories. Michael Anderson captures India and it’s many tapestries so vividly in his writing that you can almost smell, taste and feel exactly where the drama unfolds, as if you are just around the corner following each character in their many situations. A collection of colourful and sometimes tragic stories that are cleverly weaved together by the author using the characters shared location the apartment building “Heavens Above” and a mysterious magical crow that touches all of their lives and often saves their soul too! I loved it and highly recommend this book .

Extracts from a review of Heaven’s Above by Shweta Kesari

The interesting characters with different lifestyles residing at Heaven’s Above … come to meet you through this book. The … crow on the cover, and it’s frequent visits in the story … driving you impatient to find its role. What role does the crow play in the life of residents of Heaven’s Above was a thing worth to find out, and how their life in spite of being different from each other led them to the same place.

The first paragraph of the blurb … has a magnetic effect. What ancient tragedy the author is talking about and how is it going to affect present lives … the answer to this very question drives the reader to explore the unexpected.

He so tenderly uses words and expresses his thoughts in such a lively manner that … the reader would love to go through his words. The Hindi monologues he uses in between bring charm to the story and very-well complement the scenes where they have been used … I was not sure where the story would lead me … but one thing that I was sure about was soon I would be greeted with something unexpected, and in wait of that very unexpected, I completed the journey in a very short span.

In a book of 250 pages, life of so many people is so radiantly narrated that one could easily feel the … emotions from the story of each individual … with his clever writing style he speaks with the reader’s mind in quite an interactive manner which leads reader to feel his/her presence in the story throughout.

With his debut book, Michael Anderson comes with an intriguing and distinct plot, and impresses reader with his narrating style.

Shweta Kesari is a reviewer on Johntext Madhya Pradesh Book Reviews

Barbara Bisco reviews Gardening By Moonlight

“Powerful and gripping, Gardening By Moonlight is a collection of chilling tales that will send you hurtling through space to the world of an alien life form only to bring you back to planet earth for an encounter with a UFO that looks like a truffle and, through a devilish trick with time, a face to face confrontation with the most vicious dinosaur of them all. You may laugh; you may cry; you may feel your blood run cold but you will not be able to put this cunningly crafted book down until you come to the end.”

Barbara Bisco is the author of A Taste Of Green Tangerines, Night Of The Water Spirits, and her latest book, Tiger With A Human Soul. Click her book covers below to check them out.

Tiger With A Human Soul