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Twelve Twelve is my new collection of short stories, which has just become available on Amazon, featured on my Facebook page dedicated to my writing – Michael Anderson Author Page. Readers of my previous collections Gardening By Moonlight and Nighthawks will know that the only thing they can expect … is the unexpected. Along with my other books, it’s available both as an e-book and a paperback on Amazon. …


Spent a very enjoyable evening with the members of a South London book club, talking about my book Heaven’s Above and about growing up in India, and writing in general. It always surprises me how I get a new perspective on my own experiences through unexpected questions. Lovely to have people so interested.


Hello everyone I have just updated my website, and this is my very first blog. I will be writing here about things that interest or outrage or amuse me, or catch my eye in some way. I hope you all find it interesting. the last 12 months have been very exiting for me and have seen the publication of my first novel, Heaven’s Above. It deals with the varied group …

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