Becoming Farah Kindle Cover


This is the first book by another author I have published under my imprint,

Farah’s cutting-edge gender reassignment surgery in 1976, the first in India,  created a sensation as she was already well known as a pioneering lecturer on Western Classical Music Appreciation and a freelance journalist.

This is her astonishing, frank and unique story, honestly and movingly describing her many passions, experiences and travels around India. A moving portrayal of life in Bombay until the Eighties, belonging to a very special and distinct community little known outside of India, namely the Parsis, originally from Persia. It is a portrait of a wonderful and very special city in a joyfully creative and fascinating era, now sadly gone forever, although as every person who grew up in Bombay will attest, once the city becomes a part of you, it is there forever.