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Heaven’s Above

NEW EDITION! What is it about Heaven’s Above that makes it different from other apartment buildings in Mumbai? Is it the tragedy that happened here many, many years ago that has somehow reached into the present? The ripples of that ancient event touch and change many lives in Heaven’s Above. Attempted murder, illegal money, infidelity, […]

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Section O

Lieutenant Johnny Mercer finds himself caught up in the chaos and evacuation following the invasion of Crete in 1941. He meets Captain Michael Hughes of Section O, and finds himself drawn into a secret world he never dreamed existed. From war-ravaged Crete to Scotland to the deserts of North Africa to the first atom bomb […]

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Not Where But When

Yujantze is the right hand of Shianze, Lord of Gaztoko. For a thousand years the Lords of Gaztoko have guarded a secret buried deep in the bowels of the castle, so well that its memory has faded in the outside world. With his health failing the ageing Lord Shianze summons Yujantze and his daughter, the […]

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Live Long And Prosper

Take the unmarked trails and dark paths you have come to expect from this author. We meet a young boy who, after a hair-raising escape from torture and degradation, makes a new life for himself. But the past has a way of showing up when you least expect it, with bloody consequences. Tom leads a […]

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The Return of Magic

An ancient evil threatens the whole world with annihilation   A long, long time ago a vicious Emperor killed all the wizards and magicians in the land in an orgy of bloody violence, and magic was seemingly erased forever. Magic was written out of the histories and over time became consigned to myth and legend. […]

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Aus meinen Fingern gesogen

Ein kleines Gedichtbuch auf Deutsch, mein erstes Unternehmen in meiner zweiten Sprache. Ich hoffe es gefällt Ihnen!

A little book of poems in German, my first venture in my second language. I hope you like it!

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Twelve is my third collection of short stories, just published and available everywhere as a paperback and an ebook on Amazon.

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This is Michael’s second collection of short stories.

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Gardening By Moonlight

Gardening By Moonlight is a collection of a dozen short stories.

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